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Lan De Vera

Lan De Vera

Graduate Counselor Intern


M.S. in Counseling, College Specialization, Career Emphasis, San Francisco State University
B.A. in Sociology, Minor in Latin America and Latino Studies, University of California, Santa Cruz

How did you get here?
I met a wonderful counselor when I was thinking of returning to college to pursue my AA degree. With her guidance, I found a new purpose and passion in life. After my undergrad, I decided to pursue a career in counseling. I wanted to help others recognize their strengths and achieve their goals in life. I was a Graduate Advisor at SF State Division of Graduate Studies. I assisted students with applying to graduate programs, career exploration, resume and personal statement and graduate workshops. My classmates shared their wonderful experiences interning at Berkeley Career Engagement (BCE). I was excited when this position opened up and decided to apply. Here I am today, grateful that I get to work with students from all walks of life.

Who do you work with? What’s cool about your job?
I work with students from Letters & Science, the largest college at UC Berkeley. I also work with a great team at BCE who cares about creating a supportive and welcoming environment. I am inspired by the work that they do. I enjoy being on campus and feeling the Cal spirit! This motivates me to come to work. I appreciate this opportunity to connect with students and hope to make an impact through my work.

What’s the best career advice anyone has given you?
Be authentic! Be sincere, and stick with your gut feelings. My supervisor has encouraged me to ask questions when I am uncertain and not to be so hard on myself. That it’s okay to not have an answer for everything. My mentor has taught me to make time for self-care. Being with ourselves is important for personal growth. When we are well and happy, our energy will transpire on to others. I received the best counseling advice from a good friend, classmate and co-worker. She reminded me, “Don’t just concentrate on the questions that your students may have for you. But to look deeper, because there could be something more than what is on the surface. Pay attention to the door of their hearts.” This resonates with me.

I love a morning swim and watching the sunrise in Oahu. I practice Qi Gong for mindfulness and centering myself. I enjoy riding my bike and singing karaoke with friends.