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 Two students sitting side by side at a desk listening to a lecture or presentation.

What is a Business Master’s Program?

If you’re an early-career professional and want to enhance your business knowledge, pre-experience business master’s programs are the perfect option. Business schools offer different types of graduate programs such as Master in Management, Accounting, Finance, Marketing, Business Analytics, Supply Chain Management, etc. These programs provide students with subject-specific knowledge and prepare them to pursue a career within a certain area.

What is a Deferred MBA Program?

Traditionally, aspiring MBAs needed 2+ years of work experience before applying. Deferred programs allow you to secure your spot at a top business school before entering the workforce.

Who are Deferred MBA programs for?

Deferred MBA programs are designed for students in the final year of an undergraduate or master’s degree.

What schools offer Deferred MBA programs?

Several top schools offer deferred MBA programs.

What are the benefits of Deferred MBA Applications?

The application fee for deferred MBA programs is often waived. Once accepted, you’ll gain access to the school’s network of business leaders through events, programs, and other opportunities. An MBA candidate can also focus on their career responsibilities rather than trying to manage a day job while building an application package. 

What is the Deferred MBA application checklist?

To apply for a deferred MBA program, you’ll typically need:

  • An unofficial copy of college transcript with final year courses
  • A resume with internships and future full-time position
  • A GMAT exam or GRE score
  • Two letters of recommendation
  • Essays 
  • Interview or Team-based discussion (Wharton)

What are Deferred MBA Programs looking for?

Broadly speaking, top universities are looking for the same qualifications in their deferred admits as their traditional applicants: leadership, intelligence, and a promising career trajectory. Since deferred MBA applicants won’t have work experience, they often shine based on their internships, GMAT / GRE scores, GPA, and extracurricular activities.