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  • On Campus Interviewing (OCI) is intended for use by organizations recruiting for paid full-time and internship positions, not for part-time or volunteer positions. However, all bona fide full-time, part-time, seasonal, and short-term positions and other types of recruiting opportunities for small and large businesses, government agencies, nonprofit organizations, on-campus employers, households, and individuals that conform with our Employer Policies may be posted via Handshake.
  • Preselection Screening Criteria: Major, school year, GPA and work authorization are the screening criteria used for positions in Handshake. All Berkeley students will be able to apply whether or not they fully meet your qualifications, however, some students will be discouraged from applying if they don’t meet all qualifications. Therefore, enter your screening specifications carefully, but without being too restrictive, to ensure the best possible “fully qualified” applicant pool. Students are able to change their year in school and GPA in Handshake so employers are encouraged to request students submit unofficial transcripts with their application to verify year in school and GPA.
  • OCI Reception Area as Neutral Territory: Employers are asked to respect the neutrality of the On-Campus Recruiting reception area. Students may feel uncomfortable talking to other employers while waiting to be called by their scheduled interviewers. Greeters are permitted as long as their presence does not create an unpleasant environment for students and other recruiters and does not interfere with other Berkeley Career Engagement business.