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Start Exploring

Finding a career path is a process. Through time, learning, reflection, and diverse experiences, you will define what you’d like to do. There are certain steps that you, as college students, can take to help you explore various career options. 

Career Exploration is simply learning about various careers and their “fit” with your unique preferences that you want satisfied by your career. Start exploring as early as your first year. We are confident that you will be much more prepared to find a career that suits your values, interests, strengths, personality and goals. Meet with a Career Educator or Peer Advisor to begin the process.

The Three C’s

Clarity | Competitiveness | Connections

Exploration Takes Many Forms

As you begin your exploration process, know that you’re not alone. We have a team of dedicated professionals who are ready to help you. Just log into Handshake and set up an appointment today.

We also invite you to explore Where Do Cal Grads Go?, which reports back information on where graduating students have gone before you (including job titles, organizations, education, and more!).

Setting up an informational interview with an alum or other professional in a field of your interest, could also give you some valuable insight into what it would be like to work in your chosen field.