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Have questions about the profession?
Don’t know how to get started on the application process?
Below is information and links to assist you in becoming a successful applicant to dental school.

Preparation & Application

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Is Dental School For Me?

What do Dentists do?

  • Dentists are health professionals who focus on maintaining the health of teeth, gums and other hard and soft tissues of the oral cavity and adjacent structures.
  • Additionally, dentists can be found providing direct patient care, teaching, conducting research, and working in public and international health.

Top Tips for a Career in Dentistry

  • Major in the field which interests you the most, while showing strong academic ability in science.
  • Explore the field of dentistry; be sure you know the positive and negative aspects of being a dentist.
  • Pursue extra-curricular activities which interest you. Leadership and communication skills are very important, along with the ability to work with others of diverse interests and backgrounds.
  • Keep your grades as high as possible. An upward trend in grade performance will be noted, especially when you are trying to overcome a less than spectacular year.
  • Begin looking for people who can write your letters of recommendation.
  • Develop your manual dexterity.