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There are services for every life stage.

New Alumni

  • Thanks to support from UDAR we are able to pilot extended access to 1:1 counseling to alumni beginning with our May ’22 grads: Alumni will be able to retain all access to Career Services, including 1:1 counseling, for 2 years (24 months) post-graduation. Dec ’21 grads and earlier are granted 1 year of 1:1 counseling post-graduation.
  • Access to Handshake will be via your CalNet ID, and will allow you to apply for jobs/internships, review employers, and attend events/workshops offered by our staff and employers.

Established Alumni

  • Alumni who are beyond 2 years post-graduation retain access to all online services and resources including Big Interview, Candid Career, GoinGlobal, IrisBooth, Vault and more. 1:1 counseling services are not available.
  • All alumni accounts and access to services will expire 5 years post-graduation.

Experienced Alumni