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Virtual Internships

Forage is a free online platform designed to assist students in exploring careers, participate in job and internship simulations, and get firsthand experience with leading employers. Through Forage, students can acquire practical skills, gain insights into various professions and industries, and establish connections with employers.

Forage collaborates with employers to provide job simulations that replicate the day-to-day tasks of a typical internship, equipping students with the knowledge and skillsets needed for success in the workforce. During these virtual simulations, students utilize materials and complete assignments provided by their chosen employer, which are designed to mimic the tasks typically assigned to interns or recent graduates. Regardless of their university degree, prior experience, location, or school year group, any student can experience working at some of the world’s top firms through Forage. Programs offer self-paced learning, enabling students to finish them in approximately 5 to 6 hours.

Sign up using your email and explore Berkeley Career Engagement’s Forage dashboard to find the right simulations for you and to get noticed by recruiters.