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Build Your Resume through Experience

Congratulations! You made it to UC Berkeley.

A degree alone will not open every door ahead when it comes to obtaining your first job or getting into the graduate program of your choice. Gaining experience is key when it comes to being competitive. Experience comes in many forms including: internships, externships, research, labs, class projects, student organizations, community service, part-time jobs and volunteer work. A variety of experiences will help you build skills that are necessary to succeed in the world of work and allow you to test out different environments. These experiences can be pursued at any point during your college career, but keep in mind that the earlier you begin gaining experience, the more experiences you will have once you are ready to leave Cal.

These experiences will add depth and breadth to your resume to be the most competitive candidate for the opportunities you apply to. Berkeley Career Engagement offers many resources to help in your search including: Career Fairs, Networking Events, Employer Information Sessions, and curated lists of external sites by career field found in the Handshake Resource Library.

Opt in to a Resume Book

Submit your resume today to one of our 22 resume books, design to help you connect with employers who are actively hiring! Submitting is easy – just follow the steps below. 

  1. Update your resume. Review the information on our website which includes writing resources, samples, and a link to a resume workshop. Also consider setting up a time to meet with one of our talented career counselors or peer advisors!
  2. Review the books available through this link (the books are managed through ‘jobs’ in Handshake). We are offering books covering 11 different career field interests, with 1 book focused on internship-seekers, and one book focused on fulltime job-seekers for each career field. *You can also do a filtered search in Handshake jobs by typing Resume Book in the search field.
  3. “Apply” to the resume book(s) that match your career interests.
  4. *Note: please only submit to the book(s) that match your interests and your desired type of opportunity (e.g. if you’re a sophomore, you shouldn’t be applying to the full-time books)

Employers will begin requesting books for purchase on September 1 for the Fall semester and February 1 for Spring semester, so while you can ‘apply’ to any book through October 31 for Fall semester and February 29 for Spring semester, you’ll have the best chance for exposure if you submit your resume by the early deadline.


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