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Opportunities for Partnership

Put your organization in the spotlight while supporting programming and new initiatives for our students! Providing financial resources allows your organization to support activities that benefit Cal students. Your organization will make an impact, and as a result, will enjoy an increased level of visibility and branding on campus. We coordinate dozens of workshops, seminars and conferences for students and are always looking for professionals to share their insights and tips, and to connect with current students.

Let us know your interest in collaborating with our team by filling out this form, and our team will be in touch.


Internship Partnerships

Berkeley Career Engagement (BCE) is a great place to recruit interns! If you wish to develop a new internship program or strengthen an existing one, we can support you with that too by providing resources and one-one-consultations. However, The University of California at Berkeley does not enter into formal internship partnerships with employers or sign internship liability waivers or contracts of any kind. BCE does not create and/or manage internship programs for, or in partnership with, employers.