Jing Han

Jing HanArea

Ed.S., Counseling - Indiana University
MA., Comparative Education (China)
BS. Finance (China)

How did you get here? 
I found my passion in career counseling from a research I conducted during college years studying the relations between the rapid economic growth and the increasing unemployment rate of college graduates in China since 1999. After reevaluating my values, interests and strengths following the research, I confirmed my love for having a positive impact on people’s careers. Upon graduation from IU, I NETWORKED into the opportunity of working for the Kelley School of Business Undergraduate Career Services Office at Indiana University, specializing in the international student programming. At Kelley, I supported the international student programming by coaching students one-on-one on various aspects of career development and the job search, designing programs and resources, and exploring job markets and employment opportunities in the U.S. and in Asian countries. It is a privilege for me to have the chance to bring the international student career services to the next level at Berkeley!

What is cool about your job?
I am excited to participate in the mapping out of the international student programming at Berkeley. I also enjoy working with the exceptional team of the Career Center and serving the incredibly talented students from a variety of backgrounds at Berkeley. 

In the meanwhile, I’m passionate about helping others find their “dream job” – the intersection of what they love to do, what they’re good at doing, and what the market pays for. This position allows me to do this both on individual and system levels.  

What's the best career advice anyone has given you?  
You don’t have to know everything, surround yourself with good people.  Your strong network will help you greatly along the way and remember you have to support them too.

Reading on topics such as philosophy and biographies, Piano, International cuisine, coffee, fitness, hip-hop dancing, road trips, exploring the Bay Area

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