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Elizabeth Davies

Data Analyst

B.S., Accounting, Golden Gate University

How did you get here?
In a previous position at Berkeley I was given an opportunity to gain skills in data analysis and visualization, which I really enjoyed! I then spent a couple of years at Golden Gate University growing those skills in the Enrollment Strategy & Services Division. I am excited to be back at UC Berkeley and working with a new phase of students and student data.

Who do you work with? What is cool about your job?
I mostly work with Career Center staff and administration. The coolest part of my job is helping students, staff, and leadership learn more about student outcomes and the work of the Career Center.

What is the best career advice anyone has given you?
Don’t be afraid to try, and always have someone else check your numbers before submitting.

Independent music, queer fiction, pub trivia, car camping with my kid, and cute dogs.