Eligibility Policy

Who is eligible for Career Center services? How do I get access?
Currently registered UC Berkeley students Login via the student, CalNet Login.
UC Berkeley alumni within 5 years of graduation (counseling is limited to alums within 12 months of graduation).

If your CalNet is no longer active, go to the Handshake login page.

  1. Click on the link that reads "You can also sign in with your email address" that appears below the blue box with the CalNet login link.
  2. If you have not yet established a “Handshake” password (or have forgotten it), click on the “Forgot your Password?” link.

If your Handshake account has been archived, complete the Alumni Services Request form.

Previously enrolled undergraduates who are within one semester of graduation and are completing their final units elsewhere Review the information about our Degree Verification option, and if you believe you meet the criteria, complete the online registration.
Graduate Students on Filing Fee If you’re on filing fee, you’re eligible for all Career Center services including Counseling, Workshops & Career Fairs, Letter Service (existing clients only), Handshake, and On-Campus Recruiting, but to enable access you must complete the online Degree Verification Registration.
Postdocs & Visiting Student Researchers

Postdocs and Visiting Student Researchers registered with the campus VSPA Program are eligible for all Career Center services. To gain access to services via Handshake, you must first have a xxx@berkeley.edu email that has been uploaded to your Gateway record.

Students studying abroad on a non-UC Study Abroad Program

If you are studying abroad this semester, have filed a Planned Leave of Absence form, and are unable to access Handshake or your existing Letter Service account with your CalNet login, you can still access Career Center services by utilizing our Degree Verification registration process. This will generate a CCID (Career Center ID) that you will use to login through the Alumni Login. By following the procedure below, you will ensure that your CCID will be linked up to your existing Handshake account with your profile, search history, and uploaded documents intact.

1. Go to the Degree Verification registration page, select “Yes,” and press the “Continue” button.
2. Fill out and submit the online form. Where it asks for Your department/college advisor Information (shaded blue part at the bottom), enter:

Full Name: Barbara Tassielli
Department/College: Study Abroad
Email: tass@berkeley.edu
Phone: 642-1356

3. Once the Career Center has received confirmation from Study Abroad, you will receive an email with your CCID and instructions on how to create a password and login. If you have an existing Handshake or Letter Service account, it should already be tied to your CCID. This process typically takes 2 business days so be sure to plan ahead.



See also, Frequently Asked Questions.