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Why Work as a Temp?
Tips for Identifying and Evaluating Temporary Agencies
Temporary Agencies Resources

Why Work as a Temp?

Working through a temporary employment agency is a viable job search strategy. Many Berkeley graduates have successfully used temporary employment agencies to make the transition from school to a fulltime position in their field.

Temporary work gives you the opportunity for:

  • a job right after graduation
  • a chance to test the waters before making a career decision
  • a job before going to grad school
  • a summer job
  • money

Remember that you should not be charged any fees to register for services with a temporary agency. Employers with staffing needs pay the agency for your services. You are the employee of the temporary agency and receive your pay from the agency, not from the company where you are placed.

Tips for Identifying and Evaluating Temporary Agencies

  • Be clear about what your goals are and what you hope to gain through temp work. At that point it will be easier to identify the organizations that might benefit you the most.
  • Find out about the agency's specializations, client companies, typical work assignments and the benefits and training that may be available to you.
  • Make sure that the representative placing you on assignments would be easily accessible and actively interested in your particular situation.
  • Ask about the agency's screening and interview process and prepare for the appointment as you would for any job interview.
  • Make sure you are completely satisfied with the employment conditions of the agency before you register.
  • Be selective but also feel free to register with more than one agency at the same time.

Temporary Agencies Resources

  • JobSeek - national database maintained by the American Staffing Association
  • Yelp - Search on "temporary staffing agencies" to identify and read reviews about local agencies.

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