Job & Internship Guide

This Career Center guide, reviewed and updated each year, is an indispensable resource for students during their job search. View it below, download the PDF files, or pick up a hard copy at the Career Center.



Table of Contents

Entire Guide (PDF - 72 pages)

Preparing for Your Job Search (PDF)
--Evaluate Yourself
--Research the World of Work
--Make Decisions

Internships (PDF)
--Value of an Internship
--Finding Internship Opportunities
--Keys to Landing Your Ideal Internship
--Developing Your Internship
--Searching for Long Distance Internships

Your Job or Internship Search (PDF)
--Sources for Jobs and Internships
--US Jobs and Internships for International Students


Resume & Letter Writing (PDF)
----The 3 Steps of Resume Development
----Resume Tips for First Year Students
----Making a Career Transition
----Emailing Resumes
----Resume Components
----Verb List for Resumes & Letters
--Sample Resumes
--Cover Letters
--Sample Letters

Successful Interviewing (PDF)
--Analyze the Position
--Resarch the Employer
--Review Your Experiences
--Types of Interviews
--Types of Interview Questions
--Questions to Ask Employers
--Sample Thank You Letter

Internship & Job Offers (PDF)
--Formal Job or Internship Offers
--Exploding Offers
--Accepting or Declining an Offer
--Sample Letters

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