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General Occupational Information
Information for Specific Career Fields

It is often easy and tempting to make assumptions about a career field, based on what you have heard from others and what you see in the media. But by gathering concrete information from objective sources, you can make better decisions about your future. You can use resources referenced on this webpage to obtain information about:

  • typical job duties
  • training and educational requirements
  • job outlook
  • salary ranges
  • major employers in the occupation


Reality Check
Reading occupational information can help you learn a lot about a career field. But it's also valuable to talk with one or more people who work in the occupation to get a current, real-world perspective about what a job is really like. Ideally, it's important to do both kinds of research.


Career Center Resources

General Occupational Information

The sites listed below contain information about occupations and employment trends across many fields and industries. You can use these resources to learn which undergraduate and graduate level majors are recommended for each occupation.

  • California Career Zone - An interactive, user-friendly career exploration and planning system designed specifically for college students. Includes four self-assessment tools, career information for over 900 occupations, and 300+ short career videos.

  • InsideJobs - Provides descriptive profiles, insightful videos, and helpful career information for over 15,000 jobs in 10 different career families.

  • My Next Move - An interactive tool for students and job seekers to learn more about required tasks, skills, salary information, and more for 900+ careers. The O*NET Interest Profiler offers personalized career suggestions based on your interests and level of work experience.

  • O*NET Online - Provides information about tasks, knowledge, skills, and abilities for a wide range of career fields. Search for occupations by keywords, skills used, or your Theme Code from your Strong Interest Inventory results.

  • Occupational Outlook Handbook - Information about more than 200 career fields from the US Bureau of Labor Statistics.

  • Vault Employer & Industry Guides - A collection of downloadable materials available to Cal students and alumni that includes industry guides, employer profiles & lists, career guides and more.

Information for Specific Career Fields

Research specific career fields on the Career Fields section of the website to help you investigate career paths, industries, and opportunities for gaining experience.


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