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  • Vault Guides - Insider's information about careers in this area. Features include "Day in the Life" career profiles, employee reviews of careers and companies, and detailed information about key employers in the field. Available through Handshake. Be sure to check out the "International Careers" and "Careers in International Development" guidebooks.
  • InsideJobs - Provides descriptive profiles, insightful videos, and helpful career information for over 15,000 jobs in 10 different career families.


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Research positions are great if you are interested in fields such as public policy, politics or international affairs. You will likely write papers and examine theoretical positions to gain new knowledge and understanding. Research centers or "think tanks" look at international issues such as development, world peace, global poverty and arms control.

International Business and Banking are tough fields to get into, MBA’s, graduate degrees, internships and starting with a US based international companies will help you break in.

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Participating in these groups can be a valuable avenue for learning about an occupation or field. They are an excellent resource for networking, and their websites often have information about careers.

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