International Students - Career Center Workshops & Programs

The Career Center offers specialized programs designed to meet the unique needs and concerns of international students in career, job and internship search process. International students are encouraged to attend these events as a supplement to the events related to their career field(s) of interest.

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Fall 2018 Schedule:


International Student Resume Week  
Mon 8/27 & Tue 8/28,  12-1PM,  Career Center - Gold Room

The Fall recruiting season is around the corner with many career fairs, including the Cal career fair, coming! For those of you who are still worried about your resume, we are here to help! Come and join this lab-based resume session tailored for international students to learn:

1. What are employers looking for on a resume,

2. What format can help employers skim through easily and identify keywords and brand,

3. How to write up strong bullet point statements to deliver your relevant experience and skills/qualifications, and

4. Special considerations for international students.

**Please note**: The Monday (8/27) and Tuesday (8/28) sessions are the same content, so you only need to attend one. Feel free to bring your laptop or a hard copy of your resume so that you can work on your resume while learning about the above.

If your resume needs quick changes (such as adding a one summer experience), you can also use other services of the Career Center that are good for resume review:

a. 20-min same day mini appointments (12-4pm, sign up in Handshake)

b. Peer advising (12-4pm, Career Center 3rd floor)


  • Monday session, RSVP here
  • Tuesday session, RSVP here



Fall Recruiting Boot Camp for International Students
Friday, August 31, 1:00-3:30PM, Career Center Blue & Gold Room, RSVP here.

This event is designed to help international students get ready and make optimal use of the Fall 2018 recruiting season! International students of all majors and degree levels are invited. Snacks will be provided.

Agenda of the day:

1:00-2:15PM Alumni and Student Panel on Job and Internship Search Strategy for International Students

The Career Center Career Counselor for International Students and a panel of alumni and upperclassmates with successful job/internship search experience will share their tips and tricks on:

1. What the job/internship search process is like for international students at Cal,

2. Where to find opportunities,

3. What special resources international students should use, and

4. success stories and applicable tips and advice from their real experience

**15 min break**

2:30-3:30PM Talking to Employers with Confidence at the Career Fairs

Learn from an employer representative and the Career Center Career Counselor for International Students the details about:

1. How to introduce yourself and talk about your experience at the career fairs

2. What questions to ask

3. Do's and Dont's when interacting with employers,

4. How to handle the conversation with employers about work authorization status, and

5. How to follow up



International Student Career Success Toolkit Series
Tuesdays, 6-7PM      We provide what you need at the time you need it! 

Session 1: Talking to Employers about Work Eligibility

9/11  Career Center Gold Room    RSVP here

The Career Center Career Counselor for International Students will unfold the details about how to talk about international students' work authorization options and job visa sponsorship needs with employers in verbal and written formats. A panel of alumni who held this conversation with employers will share their real experience and advice. We want to help you be ready and feel confident when handling this question/conversation with employers through the online application, networking events (such as career fairs), and interviewing.

Session 2: Identifying International Students Friendly Hiring Employers 

9/18  Career Center Gold Room    RSVP here

Employers' recruiting needs are complicated and always changing, so there is not a clear list of which employers in the US are currently considering international students for their positions. However, there are resources to research and identify the employers who sponsored international students with job visa or hired int'l students through work authorizations in the past. It will be helpful for you to identify and prioritize these employers at the early stage of your job/internship search. Come and learn the strategies and resources to identify and approach those employers and opportunities.

Session 3: Learn the Art of "Networking" Step by Step - Part 1

10/2  Career Center Gold Room    RSVP here

This is the first session of a two-part training on networking for international students. The purpose of this event is to teach you step-by-step how to conduct networking for job and internship search purpose so you feel ready to do it this Fall! In this session we will cover the following four steps for networking: Step1: What is and Why networking? Step2: Build your network: we will talk about who are the "people resource" for international students and help you develop your people resource list in the session. Step3: Put your network into action: a. Analyze the relationships (warm or cold) and the tools you have for networking: on campus events (career fairs, company info sessions), emails, and LinkedIn b. Introduce yourself and initiate information gathering! We will work together on developing your marketing pitch and brand.

Session 4: Learn the Art of "Networking" Step by Step - Part 2   

10/16  Career Center Blue Room    RSVP here

This is the second session of a two-part training on networking for international students. The purpose of this event is to teach you step-by-step how to conduct networking for job and internship search purpose so you feel ready to do it this Fall! In this session we will cover the following three steps for networking: Step 5: Put your network into action - how to prepare and conduct information gatherings to build rapport and be connected with potential job opportunities Step 6: How to manage the outreach activities and connections you made Step 7: How to follow up

Session 5: Not an Offer Yet. Now What?   

11/13   Career Center Gold Room     RSVP here

You tried dropping resumes for positions in Handshake, the career fairs and other resources for job/internship search this semester but still are not getting anything? Or you are just getting started with your job/internship search at this time? Come and learn the tips, strategies, and resources for job/internship search at this time of a year. And yes, networking during the Thanksgiving week is one of them!



Stay Informed and Plan Ahead: H1B Information Session with Immigration Lawyer from Ware Immigration
Thursday, October 25, 6:00 - 8:00PM, Career Center Blue & Gold Room   RSVP here
H1B is the principal immigration status available for persons temporarily working in professional level jobs in the US. As an int'l student, you should be familiar with the H1B regulations early in your career so you can stay informed and plan ahead! 

We will have the immigration law attorney from Ware Immigration come in and explain to you the definition of H1B visa category, the application process, the H1B cap and lottery, and factors and special cases you should take into consideration. Q&A will be included to answer your specific questions. Detailed information includes: 

1. H1B visa basics: eligibility, requirements, and application process 
2. The trend and current statistics about H1B cap and lottery 
3. The roles and obligations of employers in H1B sponsorship 
4. H Alternatives 
5. Employers’ Misconceptions about H1B 
6. Routes to Permanent Residence


We look forward to seeing you at the events!