Rosanne Lurie


M.S. in Counseling with Career and College Specializations, San Francisco State University
B.A. Political Science (Honors), Haverford College

How did you get here?
I am a Bay Area native, but have lived and worked in several places including San Francisco, London (UK), San Diego, and Philadelphia.  One of my first jobs after graduate school was at Berkeley’s Career Center, I worked as a counselor and Information Resources specialist.  For many years, my career focused on developing programs and services for graduate students, and I have authored (or co-authored) books in my field.  I am excited to return to Berkeley and the Career Center in a role where I supervise and support counselors. 

What's cool about your job?
I genuinely believe that career services (and many of the other resources on campus outside of academic programs) are integral to a good college or graduate school experience.  I am excited to support students directly through advising, or indirectly, through my role in developing services and programs and making connections across campus.

What's the best career advice anyone has given you?
Learn to live with ambiguity.  The job search, and decisions about career paths aren’t always straightforward, and rarely completely in your control. Learning how to accept the “unknown” really helps you focus your efforts more productively, and reduces stress.

Skiing, hiking, world and local travel, politics, arts.

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