Patricia Lin

Patricia LinResearcher

Administrative Services

Ph.D./M.A. European History, UC Berkeley
B.A. History, Princeton University
Fulbright Scholar to England
Completion of two years of Electrical Engineering/Computer Science degree requirements

How did you get here?
My varied career journey includes working in high tech as a computer programmer and in marketing, serving on the faculty of Berkeley and the University of San Francisco and working as a researcher at think tanks. More recently, I have worked at Berkeley in grant writing, analysis and director of programs to enable low-income but high performing community college students to conduct research at Berkeley. I have published scholarly works and written for general audiences. I am passionate about helping all students, regardless of background, to reach their potential. In addition to conducting research at the Career Center, I work as Career Specialist in STEM.

What's cool about your job?
Working with colleagues who are all devoted to best serving students.

What's the best career advice anyone has given you?
Use your past experience in overcoming anxiety in non-career related events, such as important sports competitions or musical performances, to help you gain the courage to speak to employers, e.g. at career fairs and networking events.

Running, Swimming, British Mysteries, PBS, "The New York Times", Global Issues, “Sesame Street” (As the child of immigrants, I learned English from watching it!)

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