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Apply Early

It is always a good idea to complete your applications long before schools' deadlines. It allows you time to address any problems that may arise during the submission of your materials.

Applying early will also put you at an advantage if the schools you are applying to use "rolling admissions," i.e., they review applications as they arrive.

When rolling admissions are used, law school seats may be filled throughout the admissions season. So, if you wait until the school's stated deadline, you may have less of a chance of gaining admission.

Law School - Timeline

Planning Timeline

Junior Year

Summer after Junior Year

  • Take the June LSAT
  • Receive LSAT score (3-4 weeks after test)
  • Review law school choices in light of LSAT scores
  • Request law school admissions materials
  • Register for October LSAT if necessary
  • Continue requesting letters of recommendation and checking on their status
  • Begin writing the personal statement

Fall of Senior Year

  • Finalize letters of recommendation
  • Order official transcripts
  • Finalize personal statement; get it proofread by your letter of recommendation writers.
  • Take October LSAT if necessary
  • Request financial aid information from law schools
  • Request Dean's Appraisals if necessary
  • Complete and send admissions applications before Thanksgiving

Spring of Senior Year

  • Contact law schools to see if applications are complete
  • Complete and submit financial aid materials
  • Evaluate admissions offers
  • Thank letter writers and inform them of your plans

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