Katie Crawford

Katie CrawfordCareer Counselor
College of Engineering, College of Chemistry, and Physical Sciences in L&S


M.S. Ed., Educational Psychology
B.S., Mathematics

How did you get here?
I am a poster child for the theory of “planned happenstance”. Hailing from the great state of Illinois (Go Cubs!), I attended Southern Illinois University for both my undergraduate and grad programs. I changed majors 3 times, from art in the beginning, to ultimately majoring in math education (figure that one out!). This is when I discovered my true passion for education, as well as my knack for helping students pursue their dreams with grit and unwavering persistence. Instead of entering the teaching profession as planned, I took a risk and dove into a graduate program in Counseling, fell into an assistantship at the SIU Career Center working with Engineering students, and the rest is history! After a few years working post-graduation as a career counselor at Southeast Missouri State University, this Midwesterner heard the West Calling, and by a little stroke of planned happenstance, found myself in the Career Center at UC Berkeley.

What's cool about your job?
Where to begin? Not only do I work in one of the most beautiful areas of the country, but every day I have the chance to meet with, learn from, and share my expertise with incredibly talented Cal students. I learn something new from employers and students EVERY day! The opportunity to do what I love, in an inspiring place, while supporting the success and growth of tomorrow’s leaders…well, what isn’t cool about that?

What's the best career advice anyone has given you?
If you’re having trouble making a decision about your career, stop asking yourself “What do I want to do?” and start asking yourself “Who do I want to be?” When you are able to find work that aligns with your personal values, you are much more likely to enjoy that career.

Oh, and be curious! Never, ever stop being curious.

When I’m not at work, you will probably find me jogging around Oakland, cooking up a new recipe, seeing a band at a live music venue, exploring outdoor adventures in the Bay Area, cheering on my Chicago Cubbies (!) or eating/cooking/dreaming about pizza.

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