Angie Luo


Ed.M., Higher Education - Harvard Graduate School of Education
B.A., Biology - University of Pennsylvania

How did you get here?
Like many biology majors, I was pre-med in undergrad but ultimately decided med school was not the right path for me. After college, I worked in graduate medical education at teaching hospitals in Boston and New York. I chose to transition from healthcare to higher education to make a greater impact advising students, and I am so glad I did! Working with students on their career development has been incredibly rewarding and fulfilling. My previous experiences in career services were at the University of Pennsylvania and the Harvard Graduate School of Design.

What's cool about your job?
The amazing students at CED and Engineering/Chemistry/Physical Sciences! I enjoy the challenge of working with such different student populations, but there is also a good amount of overlap with their career interests!

What's the best career advice anyone has given you?
It’s never too late to change.
Always, always negotiate.

Exploring the Bay Area and finding new things to do!