Amaya Gonzalez

Amaya Gonzalez

Administrative Services

B.S., Health Education, San Francisco State University

How did you get here?
After working in the mental health field and health promotion/prevention field, I found myself shifting towards administrative services. I've always been someone who has enjoyed coordinating and supporting social services, and working at the Career Center is a new way I can do so.

What's cool about your job?
I get to serve UC Berkeley students, parents, and the general public when they walk in or call with questions about the Career Center.

What's the best career advice anyone has given you?
Never be afraid to ask your coworkers (or anyone really) questions related to why they went down the career path they are on. Often they have wisdom that they can share with you that may help you with your own career path.

Reading, music, museums, art galleries, makeup, road trips, spending time with my friends and family


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