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Inna Yesayants

Graduate Intern


M.S., Career Counseling (In-Process)
B.A., International Relations
A.A., Social & Behavioral Sciences/Arts & Humanities

How did you get here?
I immigrated from Armenia in 2013 and started my educational journey at City College of San Francisco (CCSF). While working towards my two associate degrees, I received counseling at CCSF’s UMOJA/African American Scholastic Programs and met a wonderful counselor who inspired, guided, and encouraged me to transfer to San Francisco State University (SFSU) and pursue a Bachelor’s degree. As a refugee who experienced war and later became an immigrant, I majored in International Relations, hoping to enter a profession in the nonprofit world or various federal agencies. However, my counseling experience at CCSF revealed a different purpose. My path to becoming a counselor was not only significant but meaningful. During my first year in the counseling program, I became a counselor intern at UMOJA/African American Scholastic Programs while working part-time as a career advisor at the Career and Leadership Development department at SFSU. I am interning in the Career Center at the University of California, Berkeley, during my last year in the program. I recognize how fortunate I am to be working with a diverse population of students and am assured that this is the field where I am meant to be.

Who do you work with? What’s cool about your job?
I counsel students in the College of Letters and Sciences and the College of Natural Resources. I enjoy meeting with students and helping them not only to build a resume, write a cover letter, choose a career path, or prepare for an interview but also to gain confidence, believe in themselves, and trust their feelings. During my path, I realized that an awareness of who you are and your values are as important as one’s professional skills. I like reminding my students about their authentic selves by helping them find constructive language so they can move forward with an optimistic outlook to achieve their goals.

What’s the best career advice anyone has given you?
“Trust your instincts, believe in yourself, and remember that everything is possible. It is never too late to achieve your goals!” “If you don’t believe in yourself how can others believe in you?” “Every time you start overthinking or criticizing yourself, say to your inner self ‘stop it!’ and just do your best at that moment!”

I enjoy writing poems in my first language and touching people’s souls through my words. I also love singing, dancing, meeting friends, and taking road trips. Lastly, I appreciate the work of Joe Dispenza, Rhonda Byrne, Joe Kehoe, and Brene Brown.