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Evelyn Morataya

Graduate Intern


M.S, Career and College Counseling (In-Process)
B.A, Child Development- Elementary Pre-Credential

How did you get here?
I first started my career in my sophomore year of undergrad at Sacramento State University as a peer mentor. Feeling lost, confused, and overwhelmed by my undergrad experience I chose to push myself to join Sacramento State University First-Year Experience Programs as a peer mentor. Once joining as a peer mentor, I fell in love with the meaningful relationships I developed with students. Within these relationships that I established with students, I developed a desire to aid those encountering challenges in establishing a work-life balance, career exploration, life goals, and overall life transitions. Thus, prompting me to pursue a graduate degree program & obtain an internship in career and college counseling. Go Bears!

Who do you work with? What’s cool about your job?
I work, meet, and interact with a variety of students within the College of Letters and Sciences and the College of Natural Resources. With each student appointment, workshop, and/or career-focused event, I am constantly hearing and witnessing students’ stories, dreams, and ambitions come to life. It is an absolute privilege and joy to witness students’ growth and be a part of their career-planning process.

What’s the best career advice anyone has given you?
Do not be afraid to jump in and give it your all. One of my favorite movie quotes states that “When it feels scary to jump that is exactly when you jump. Otherwise, you will end up staying in the same place your entire life.” If it feels scary to go to that goal do it anyways because you never know where it might lead you.

I love spending time with my family and friends and trying out new restaurants, traveling to new places, and living life to its absolute fullest. In my free time, I enjoy coloring,
exercising, attending social events around the SF Bay Area, and cooking. You can always find me with a boba tea in hand!