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Job & Internship Opportunities -- Engineering & Computer Science

General Job & Internship Search - You'll find both jobs and internships on these websites.

Professional Association Career Pages -  Great places to go to find current and relevant information in your career field.... plus searching on most of these job boards is free!
  • AIChE - opportunities in Chemical Engineering
  • ASA - opportunities for Statisticians
  • ASCE - opportunities in Civil Engineering
  • ASME - opportunities in Mechanical Engineering
  • BMES - opportunities in the Biomedical field
  • IEEE - opportunities in Electrical Engineering
  • IISE - opportunities in Industrial & Systems Engineering
  • IoM3 - opportunities for Materials Engineers
  • NEI - opportunities in Nuclear Engineering
  • INFORMS - opportunities for Operations Research
Technical Recruiting Agencies 

There are a number of reputable agencies that work on behalf of companies to find top temporary or permanent talent at no cost to the applicant. Make sure to do research so that you find an agency that you feel confident prioritizes your career interests and goals. Refer to THIS ARTICLE for more information on how these agencies work, potential drawbacks, and a list of Bay Area agencies. If you're unsure about whether a recruiting agency is the right resource for you, check in with a Career Center counselor by scheduling an appointment on HANDSHAKE.

Develop Your Own Internship

If you have not yet secured an internship through an established program or listing, try consulting websites of organizations that interest you; you may just uncover an internship. If not, you can approach them to Develop Your Own Internship

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