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  • Handshake - Filter by "job" or "internship", then enter keyword, e.g. "music" "design," etc.

  • theCreativeloft - Jobs and internships in fashion, photography, event planning, music, entertainment, graphic design.

  • - Jobs and internships in film, tv, music and media searchable by location

  • ArtJobs - Job and internship opportunities across the US.

  • Playbill - Job and internships listing in the theater. 

Job Search
  • California Arts Council's job board - Primarily CA-based positions
  • Creative Hotlist - Jobs, news and portfolio posts for visual communications professionals.
  • creatively - Jobs in a variety of creative arenas.
  • TVB - Jobs in tv broadcasting via this professional association for broadcast tv professionals.
  • upwork - Major website for finding and bidding on freelance creative gigs
  • General job search sites - Sites containing job postings for a variety of career fields
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If you have not yet secured an internship through an established program or listing, try consulting websites of organizations that interest you; you may just uncover an internship. If not, you can approach them to Develop Your Own Internship. To identify organizations to approach, use these resources:

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