Sample Resumes

These examples will help you develop your own strategy and approach to your resume and are not designed to serve as “cut and paste” templates. Your application documents should highlight your particular strengths, experience, and capabilities and reflect your voice. 
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Sample CV Template (pdf)
Veteran Resume Highlighting Transferable Military Experience (pdf)

General: Social Sciences Background
Senior Urban Studies Major Seeking Full-time Job (pdf)
Senior CNR Social Science Resume for Full-Time Job (pdf)

Arts and Design
Junior Transfer Art Practice Major Seeking Arts Internship (pdf)
Senior Transfer Art and Theater Major With Relevant Experience (pdf)
Senior CED Major in Architecture Seeking Summer Internship (pdf)

Junior Transfer Math Major seeking Business Internship (pdf)
Senior English Major Pivot to Business (pdf)
Senior Transfer Business General Resume (pdf)
Senior Transfer Business Major Seeking Consulting Job (pdf)
Senior English Major with Creative Writing Minor Seeking Marketing Position (pdf)
Senior History Major with Leadership and HR Experience Seeking an HR Role (pdf)

Senior PreMed Student Applying to Health Professions (pdf)

Public Sector
Junior Psychology Major Seeking Social Services Internship (pdf)
Senior Transfer Sociology Major Seeking Student Affairs Job (pdf)
Senior Poli Sci Major Seeking Entry-Level Government Job (pdf)

Junior Chemistry Major Seeking Research Position (pdf)
Senior Chemical Engineering Major Seeking Related Internship (pdf)
Junior Mechanical Engineering Major Seeking Product Design Internship (pdf)
Senior EECS CS Major Seeking Full-time Software Engineering Job (pdf)
Senior Transfer CEE Major Seeking Environmental Eng Position (pdf)

CV - English (pdf)
CV - Materials (pdf)
CV - Sociology (pdf)
Masters of Education with Interest in Policy Positions (pdf)
PhD - STEM Resume (pdf)

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