Degree Verification Option


If you are not registered and paying fees to UC Berkeley for the current semester, you are not eligible for Career Center services that require a login (e.g., Handshake, counseling appointments, etc.). You may request a Career Center ID which can be used to login to Career Center programs and services if you meet one of the five conditions below:

  1. On Filing Fee, or
  2. Scheduled to graduate by the end of the current semester and was registered for the previous semester (fall or spring), or
  3. On an approved Berkeley Study Abroad program, or
  4. Are registered to return to Berkeley  for the next academic semester and are considered a student in “Good Standing” by your department/college

To do so, start by selecting our online Degree Verification Registration process.


Special Note for Letter Service Clients

Even if you are not registered this semester, you can still view your Letter Service file by using your Career Center ID which can be found in your "account information." If you can't find it, fill out the Forgot Your CCID? form and it will be emailed to you. When you login to the Letter Service using your Career Center ID, be sure to use the "Alumni Login" rather than the student "CalNet" login option. If you want to use other Career Center online services, you must complete the Degree Verification form as explained above.

Once you have graduated, you can continue to view your Letter Service account using your Career Center ID. However, to make requests, you will have to pay the higher "One-Time Send" rates if your account is no longer active.


If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.