Career Destinations Survey
Class of 2016: Graduate and Professional School Profile

Graduate School

Degree SoughtMastersPhDMDJDOtherTotal
Envtl Design410005
Letters & Science13793363921326
Natural Resources9643628

*College level data includes responses from all students with a major in that college. Hence the responses of a double major in English and Chemistry will be incorporated into the results of both the College of Chemistry and the College of Letters & Science.


Medical School

Cal Graduates 2014-16*201620152014
Number Acceptedpending3449
Acceptance Ratepending51%52%

Law School

Cal Graduates 2014-2016* 201620152014
Number Accepted597994
Acceptance Rate89%87%90%
Average LSAT160160163
Average GPA3.633.613.55
Avg Applicants11.6810.5211.36
Avg Acceptances4.833.964.52



Data includes only those applicants who released their AMCAS information to UCB. See also Medical School Acceptance Rates for overall GPA and MCAT score information for recent Cal graduates. Source: American Association of Medical Colleges.
*Each year includes August, December, and May graduates (e.g. 2016 includes 8/15, 12/15 and 5/16).

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