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The Job & Internship Search in Turbulent Times

A job search during a pandemic is a daunting prospect. As we all know, Covid-19 has shaken our economies and the job search terrain. Job-seekers especially are experiencing the uncertainty of this time, and although anxiety and confusion are present, don't let them stop you!  Confused and overwhelmed personHere are some tips to help you weather this turbulence and ultimately prevail.

Just Do It
Guess what? There ARE employers who are still hiring! While some employers are heavily impacted by the current situation, others are less so -- it really depends on the organization's product or service, industry, strategic plans, and many other factors. Don't jump to conclusions about the job market and decide not to even look for a job -- JUST START (OR CONTINUE) THE SEARCH.

Have a Plan(s)
When it comes to determining your goal, have a Plan A, Plan B, and even a Plan C!

  • Plan A: Your Plan A targets jobs and employers that are most attractive to you (and for which you qualify). One example: Content editor or writer for a pop culture website. If your Plan A jobs seem scarce, open up your search to:
  • Plan B: Here your job goal is broader but possibly still related to your Plan A jobs.. The positions might seem slightly below your capabilities or with less appealing companies, BUT you are well-qualified for them and they could serve as stepping stones toward a Plan A job. Example related to Plan A above: Content editor  or writer for ANY website or other communications medium. 
  • Plan C: These are typically called "Survival Jobs" or "Just for Money Jobs." These jobs don't necessarily require a college degree or deep expertise, BUT will pay your rent while you continue to look for better jobs. They provide you the financial stability and peace of mind required to help you move forward...and you need that first and foremost.  HIGHLY RECOMMENDED if you need money now or soon!

Here are a few resources for "Just for the Money" jobs:

Use a Multi-Pronged Approach
To find the best opportunities possible, do not rely on job boards alone. Reach out to employers directly, talk to people you know or to alumni about opportunities where they work. Develop your LinkedIn profile to get noticed and set up phone or video meetings with your connections. Many people are less busy now and actually more available for networking. Take advantage!

Leverage the Moment
Not all companies and their employees are equipped to work remotely, so there may be delays in their response times and hiring processes as they adjust. Be prepared for this and continue to apply! In your resume and cover letters, be sure to highlight skills related to working virtually, e.g. comfort with skype, google docs, and other online communications platforms. These skills are a strong selling point at this time!  

Follow up
Close interviews by directly stating your interest and enthusiasm and by asking for the next steps in the interview process. Send a follow-up thank you email, and continue to follow up periodically and politely in order to stay on their radar. Leave voicemails and send emails to ask for updates.

Use the Career Center & Its 24/7 Resources
We offer remote appointments on Handshake; sign up as usual!  We also have a plethora of online resources that can help you in all aspects of your search. Access them in the top right menu item on our home page.  Please use us...we want to help!