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See a Career Counselor

What Happens in a Counseling Appointment
Get the Most From a Counseling Appointment
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Career Center counselors are available for one-to-one appointments. There is no charge to currently enrolled students and eligible alumni.

Reality Check
Life after Cal isn't organized by 15-week semesters or exam schedules. The transition from being a student into the 'real world' can be disorienting -- but we can help you with that! 
 Come see us, even if you aren't exactly sure of what you want to talk about.

What Happens in a Counseling Appointment?

In an appointment you can: 

  • Discuss career options of interest and strategies to find employers who offer jobs/internships in those fields.
  • Identify your interests and strengths or interpret the results of career assessments.
  • Understand and utilize successful job/internship search strategies.
  • Find resources to research graduate and professional school programs.
  • Review your resume and cover letter, work on interviewing and other job search skills.
  • Develop a personal plan of action for the job/internship search or graduate school application process.

Get the Most From a Counseling Appointment

  • Be on time or call (510) 642-1716 ext.6 if you're running late. If you're more than 10 minutes late you may have to reschedule.
  • Bring a resume if you have one.
  • Think about what you want to get from the session.

Take Action: Schedule an Appointment

The Career Center offers a variety of appointment options.


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