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Career Decision-making

Career clarity: How do I identify my future direction?

Career decision-making is a complex and personal process. Just as you decided which university to attend, what classes to take, and where to live, selecting your initial career direction involves researching and evaluating many factors of importance to you.

Decision-making Tools

Pros & Cons Model
Use the Career Center's Pros & Cons Table (PDF) to help you evaluate both the positive and potentially negative outcomes of your impending decision. 

Analytical Decision-Making Worksheet
Use the Career Center's Decision-Making Worksheet (PDF) to help you evaluate which of up to three options may be the best for you based on your values. 

Visualization Exercise
If you are more of an intuitive decision-maker, you may prefer this imaginative Visualization Exercise. You might have a friend or a Career Counselor lead you through the visualization, or you may just want to read it and imagine on your own.

See a Counselor

Because decision making can be challenging and difficult, consider meeting with a Career Counselor who can offer support and help you weigh your options.

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