Career Clarity: Self-Assessment

Clarity, connections and competitiveness Venn diagram

To clarify your post-graduate direction, there are two essential activities you must undertake. One is to learn about your specific career preferences through self-assessment. Another is to explore careers and evaluate how they meet your career preferences.  

Self-Assessment Resources

Career Counseling
In a counseling appointment we can help you assess your career interests, skills, and other dimensions.

Online Self-Assessment Tools

  • Career Center Video - Finding A Career Direction: 3 Ways to Get Started >>>>
  • Know Yourself Exercises - Our exercises for identifying your career-related values, interests, and skills and relating them to a career.
  • My Next Move - Offers three ways of learning more about yourself and your career interests, along with access to information about 1000's of careers.
  • Decision Making - Tools to help you evaluate and make decisions about your options.


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