Academic Job Search - Negotiating the Offer

Congratulations!!  If you are here in earnest, you have received the earliest tenure-track, job offer in the history of UC Berkeley.  You are a certified STAR. I strongly recommend that you settle for nothing less than six figures, paid sabbatical every other year with a one-one teaching load, and fifty thousand a year in funding for your research; and, don't forget, one of those cute, new iMac computers.  If you don't want to seem too arrogant, feel free to offer to pay the postage for the weekly shipment of Peet's French Roast that you'll require (we're not unreasonable here).  But, remember, it ain't braggin' if you can deliver the goods.

If you don't have a tenure-track offer by the dog days of August, please come back in another month when there will be more substantive information about what aspects of a job offer are negotiable (more than you think) and how to go about negotiating effectively.

You will never have more leverage than the moment just before you accept an offer until you manage to scare them with the imminent prospect of losing you to another institution by garnering another offer, so don't presume that you can work it out once you get there.  Negotiation is about five percent good will/fairness, twenty percent information and seventy-five percent leverage; and leverage is a purely a function of your ability to walk away (or their perception of that likelihood).  They know it, you should know it too.


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