Academic Job Search - Interviewing

I paused to unbutton my jacket and smooth my tie before taking the seat at the end of the table.  The tie was smooth enough as it was, but the momentary delay served to ensure that they were already seated when I began to speak.  After five months, I finally had them right where I wanted.  The entire Franklin and Marshall political science department was arrayed around the table.  "Ladies and gentlemen," I said as I pulled the thick wad of hundreds from my pocket, "how much is this gonna take"?

An interview is not simply a chance for you to respond to the particular questions they happen to ask.  It is your best opportunity to convey the information you believe will have the greatest impact on your candidacy.  The key is not the questions they ask, but the answers you give.

As we get closer to on-campus interview season, this section will be expanded as a part of the ongoing redevelopment of the PhD website.  In the meantime, for more information on the academic job search (including conference interviews), check out The Hiring Process From the Other Side.


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