Academic Job Search

PhD Series Fall No one likes going on the academic job market, but for the prize that lies in wait on the other side – a tenure track job offer.

The information and resources found here are designed to ease your way through the process and give you a sense of the perspective search committees and departments bring to the task of reviewing your materials and making their decisions. By necessity, it is general in nature, and is intended to complement the information and advice available through your department that tends to focus primarily on research universities, like Berkeley, which constitute only a fraction of the available jobs.

If this is all new to you, if you’ve never written a CV or cover letter; start with the info below or attend one of the many academic job search events/workshops offered each semester by a Career Center PhD counselor, as well as through the GSI Teaching & Resource Center, the Graduate Diversity Program, and other units on campus. You can also make a private appointment to speak with a PhD counselor.

Before Going "On the Market"

What you can do as a second year grad student
What to do when you advance to candidacy
The Career-Savvy Graduate Student

The Job Search Process

The Hiring Process from the Other Side

Nuts and Bolts

Finding Job Announcements
The CV - Part 1 Overview
The CV - Part 2 Elements
The Cover Letter
Letters of Recommendation
Teaching Portfolio
Negotiating the Offer

Your Career Trajectory

The Transition from Grad Student to Assistant Professor


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