Pre-Health Peer Advisors

The Pre-Health Peer Advisor Program serves a critical role in the Career Center, with Peer Advisors assisting and advising students who are interested in a career in the health professions. Working directly with and supervised by the Career Center's Pre-Health Advisors, the Pre-Health Peer Advisors are trained to be knowledgeable not only about Career Center services, but more specifically, issues and concerns that face students who are exploring or pursuing a path toward graduate health professional school.


The Pre-Health Peers serve the pre-health student community by offering regular drop-in advising, providing responses to quick questions via email (, conducting workshops and programs (submit a pre-health workshop request), liaising with pre-health student organizations, and much more.


Meet the 2016-17 Pre-Health Peers:

Emily, Fia, Lily, Lynna, Manasa, Nora, Suleman, Xavier

Spring 2017 Drop-in Schedule



Name: Emily Cheng

Year: Senior

Majors: Molecular and Cell Biology (Immunology Track), Business Administration

Hometown: Los Altos, CA

Spring 2017 schedule: MCB C103, UGBA 103, UGBA 104, UGBA 178, and Medical Spanish Decal

Favorite class at Cal: UGBA 175 (Business Law)

Past & current activities: MCB research, URAP, Asian American Christian Fellowship (AACF), Innovative Design, People's Test Preparation Service (PTPS)

Best pre-health advice: Don’t be afraid to take classes that you’re genuinely interested in, even if they are outside of your intended major(s)! Use your time in college to broaden your interests and explore new communities. Also, don’t overload yourself; it’s important to know your limits so that you can do your best possible work in all that you are committed to.

Spring 2017 drop-in hours: Mon 2-4pm (Unit 3 APR)

Come chat with me if you are interested in double majoring, business/healthcare consulting, or immunology research. I also love talking about course selection, MCB emphasis selection, and studying for the MCAT (I took it August 2016). If I don't have answers to your questions, we can figure it out together--the Career Center has lots of resources for any pre-health student. I'll be applying to medical school this June, so feel free to talk to me about the application process, or about anything else!



Name: Fia Maline

Year: Senior

Major: Classical Civilizations

Hometown: Seal Beach, CA

Spring 2017 schedule: IB 132/132L, Classics 161, and Poli Sci 124A (War!)

Favorite class at Cal: Classics R44: Roots of Western Civilization 

Past & current activities: Children’s Hospital, Tutor/Mentorship Programs, Gymnastics Coach, Bio 1AL UGSI, URAP (Stable Isotopes)

Best pre-health advice: Be proactive! Don’t try to do everything at once, but don’t use that as an excuse to do nothing. And you’ll never regret studying more.

Spring 2017 drop-in hours: Tu 1:30-3:30pm (Yali's Cafe, Stanley Hall)

Come chat with me if... any of this interests you! My name is Fia and I am not a "traditional" pre-med student. I've really embraced the diversity of Berkeley and pursued my passions: I am a Classical Civilizations Major, I do research in the Anthropology Department, but I still enjoy taking upper division science courses and volunteering at Children's Hospital in Oakland. I just spent my summer at the Cancer Institute of New Jersey, which allowed me to see how collaborative the healthcare system really is (a physician is just one piece of the puzzle).



Name: Lily Choi

Year: Senior

Majors: Public Health, Integrative Biology (Track 2: Human Biology & Health Sciences)

Hometown: Irvine, CA

Spring 2017 schedule: Ea Lang 105, IB 169, PH 196, Plant Bio 40 and Slavic 50

Favorite class at Cal: Psych 1

Past & current activities: Medical Assistant, IB Peer Advisor, Phi Chi Co-ed Pre-Health Fraternity, Blue & Gold Yearbook, Kaufer Lab (IB), URAP (Museum of Vertebrate Zoology), Alta Bates volunteer, UGSI (Bio 1AL, Chem 3BL), SLC Tutor (Bio 1B)

Best pre-health advice: Be resourceful and put yourself out there; step out of your comfort zone to form meaningful relationships and to gather important insights -- this will heavily assist you on your journey to a career in health!

Spring 2017 drop-in hours: Mon & Fri 11am-12pm (Cafe Milano)

Come chat with me if you have any questions about double majoring and exploring a non-biology major! I can also help you with finding clinical experiences, such as volunteering at Alta Bates, shadowing, or becoming a medical assistant. I've also taken the MCAT recently (August 2016), so I can share some study tips, as well as recommendations for prep books and prep classes. Feel free to meet with me to discuss being pre-med, class recommendations, study tips, or life in general!



Name: Lynna Yang 

Year: Senior 

Major: MCB (Cell & Developmental Biology Track) 

Minor: Education

Hometown: Kobe, Japan 

Spring 2017 schedule: Physics 8B, Stats 2, Education 195B, Public Health 199, and Slavic 50

Favorite class at Cal: Ed 114A (Early Childhood Education) 

Past & current activities: Gong Lab (optometry), Phi Chi Co-Ed Pre-Health Fraternity (executive committee), Pre Medical Honor Society (professional development chair), scribe, volunteer at SF clinic, Pre-Health Decal Medical Facilitator, Teacher Scholar Program (Chem 1AL, Chem 3AL), Bio 1AL UGSI, Health Guardians of America 

Best pre-health advice: Don’t forget to always take a step back and look at the bigger picture to remind yourself why you’re doing all that you’re doing, to admire how far you’ve already come, and to remember that all the little things you’re stressing out over now probably won’t matter too much in the future! 

Spring 2017 drop-in hours: Tu 6-8pm (Unit 2 APR)

Come chat with me if you have any questions about being MCB major or pre-med at Cal! I can also help you find research, clinical experience, or organizations to join on campus. I'd also love to help with scheduling classes and to recommend some fun non-science classes. I can't wait to meet you!



Name: Manasa Gurumoorthi 

Year: Senior 

Major: MCB (Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Track)

Minor: South Asian Studies

Hometown: Cupertino, CA

Spring 2017 schedule: MCB C110L, S Asian 1B, S Asian 110 and Sanskr 101B

Favorite class at Cal: Sanskrit 101 series (101A,B,C)

Past & current activities: Volunteer at Ashland Free Medical Clinic, Undergraduate Researcher at Shastri Immunology Lab, Undergraduate Assistant at Barcellos’ Lab, Mentorship programs, Community service as part of my spiritual and service organization, Indian Classical Music 

Best pre-health advice: The simple truth is that all of us are capable of great things; we just have to believe is all. So no matter what comes your way—midterms, the MCAT, or just life—keep believing in yourself and be confident!

Spring 2017 drop-in hours: TuTh 10-11am (Common Grounds/Peet's, Dwinelle Hall, Level F)

Come chat with me if you are interested in exploring an international health experience through either volunteering or shadowing abroad. Or feel free to ask me questions about doing research and volunteering during the semester as well. I would love to help you plan out your schedule for upcoming semesters. I’m always here even if you just want to talk to someone about challenging Berkeley classes. I look forward to meeting you!



Name: Nora Hazenbos-Shibata 

Year: Sophomore

Major: Intended MCB (Neurobiology Track)

Hometown: San Francisco, CA (also grew up in the Netherlands and Japan)

Spring 2017 schedule: Bio 1A/AL, Physics 8A, Sociology 1, and Chem 301C (Teacher Scholar)

Favorite class at Cal: Anthropology R5B

Past & current activities: Biology Scholars Program, UCSF volunteer at Neurobiology lab, Cultural Peer Mentor Program, Japanese American Citizens League intern, IM volleyball

Best pre-health advice: You're at the time of your life when you have the option to do whatever you want. Seriously, everything you want. If you're interested in a medical career, don't just focus on medicine because you'll get more than enough in the future! If something doesn't interest you, drop it and move on to the next. Make sure to see a little of the world before you settle down and you wish you'd seen more.

Spring 2017 drop-in hours: Tu 10-11am & Wed 2-3pm (Yali's Cafe, Stanley Hall)

Come chat with me if you have any questions about getting involved in research or what it's like, I'm more than happy to share my research experience at UCSF or at my current lab on campus. Of course, we can also talk about "being pre-med at Cal" or anything else you have questions about!



Name: Suleman Khan 

Year: Senior

Major: Integrative Biology (Track 2: Human Biology & Health Sciences) 

Hometown: Cupertino, CA

Spring 2017 schedule: Bio 1B, Chem 301C (Teacher Scholar), IB 132L, IB C143B, IB 169, and IB H196B

Favorite class at Cal: Psych 131: Developmental Psychopathology

Past & current activities: Bustamante Lab (MCB), Think-Now ADHD Study, Berkeley Political Review, Chem 3BL UGSI, Behavioral Health Clinic volunteer, BicyCal

Best pre-health advice: Make sure to challenge yourself and have fun at the same time! There is no model pre-health student, so don’t compare yourself to others. Follow your own path.

Spring 2017 drop-in hours: Mon 1-2pm & Th 10-11am (Yali's Cafe, Stanley Hall)

Come chat with me if you are interested in exploring what it means to be a physician scientist and pursuing research opportunities as an undergrad. Feel free to also ask me about balancing fun extracurriculars with your busy schedule or mastering organic chemistry. I've taken some very meaningful classes and would love to spread the word about them. Looking forward to meeting you and learning more about your story!



Name: Xavier Aparicio

Year: Junior

Major: Nutritional Science - Physiology & Metabolism

Hometown: Hacienda Heights, CA

Spring 2017 schedule: IB 150, Nutri Sci 160, Nutri Sci 170, and Nutri Sci 115 

Favorite class at Cal: Chem 3A

Past & current activities: Phi Delta Epsilon Co-ed Premedical Fraternity, Cal Rugby Sports Medicine Intern, UCSF Benioff Children's Hospital of Oakland Volunteer, Newman Hall Student Ministry Team

Best pre-health advice: Make time for yourself. The pre-health path is difficult and tiresome, and it’s easy to end up feeling overwhelmed. One night a week, don’t worry about studying and just go do something that you genuinely enjoy!

Spring 2017 drop-in hours: TuTh 11am-12pm (Common Grounds/Peet's, Dwinelle Hall, Level F)

Come chat with me if you are interested in: pre-health fraternities, clinical experience, sports medicine, health-related books, and music!


Spring 2017 Drop-in Schedule

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