Experience Section

In the AMCAS application, you will have up to 15 categories to choose from when listing your various experiences. The experience categories will range from “Research” and “Paid Employment” to “Military Service” and “Paid Employment – Not Military”, etc. Common categories for applicants are research, community service, leadership, awards, and medically related volunteer or paid experiences. 

From your 15 experiences, you will have the opportunity to indicate up to 3 of your experiences as your “Most Meaningful Experience”. Here you will be given 700 characters to describe the activity and an additional 1325 characters to share why this was a meaningful experience and what you gained from that experience. 

When typing in this information, it is important for you to ensure that you have indicated the start and end date of each activity as well as the number of hours per week that you participated in the experience. For the 12 experiences remaining experiences after completing your 3 most meaningful experiences, you will have an opportunity to describe the experiences and in doing so, you may want to approach the description similar to that of a resume. In general, when describing your experiences, it is an opportunity for you to list the tasks and responsibilities that you had.


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