Clinical Experience

There is no better way to demonstrate your readiness for medical school than through experience as a helper, leader, and thinker. Review our information below for a wide variety of opportunities that students can gain clinical experience in and around Berkeley.


Contrary to popular belief, clinical experience is not a requirement for medical school. However, such experience is often beneficial, because it places you squarely in an environment where you can observe doctors at work. Also, you will be able to make a more educated decision about whether you feel at home in that setting. Remember that altruistic work of any kind is sought after by medical schools.

Medical schools are looking for leaders. You don’t have to spearhead a community health program abroad or be the president of a student organization to demonstrate your leadership abilities. Tutoring, mentoring, or supervising others is excellent experience.


Research exercises the intellect like nothing else and although it is not a requirement for medical school, it is regarded favorably by many schools. Don’t confine yourself to traditional laboratory research unless that is what you truly enjoy. Field research is considered equally valuable unless you intend to become a Physician/Scientist. Your research may be in any field; Biology, Psychology, English, Sociology, Economics. You’ll enjoy the experience much more if you choose a topic that genuinely stokes your curiosity.

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