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Committee Packet

Some undergraduate institutions provide a medical school with a “Committee Packet” or sometimes it is also called a “Committee Letter”. This committee packet is typically a composite letter that is written by the Pre-Med./Pre-Health Advisor on behalf of several faculty members who interview an applicant to medical school. In addition to the composite letter, the undergraduate institution may/will add additional letters of recommendation to this composite letter on behalf of the student or at the request of a student.

For clarification, a committee packet or committee letter IS NOT a packet of letters that is composed when your professors gather together and write the letter about you and then forward to a medical school. For some students, there exists an impression that this constitutes a committee packet.

UC Berkeley does not provide medical schools with a committee packet or committee letter. The cover sheet on every letter packet that you order via the Letter Service clearly states that we do not have a committee which is acceptable by medical schools.


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