Cost of Applying

Save! Save! Save! If there is one constant in applying to medical school, it is that the costs rise every year. Begin saving money as early as your first year in college. Below is a chart with actual and approximate fees that an applicant can spend on their application to medical school.


ITEM COST – 2014
(a) MCAT Test Actual: $320
(b) MCAT Preparation Course Approximate: $1,800
(c) Initial AMCAS Application Actual: $170
(d) Average # of schools applied: 25 Actual: $40 per school
(e) Secondary/Supplementary Application Approximate Average: $100 per school
(f) Interfolio Approximate: $50.00
(g) Travel Costs To Attend Interviews Approximate: $0 if interviews are virtual ($2,500+ in person)
Approximate Cost $5840 


  • In item (d), the average number of schools that a UC Berkeley applicant applies to is 25-33.  You will be charged $40 for every designated AMCAS school after your first school.  More information on the AMCAS website.
  • For severe financial hardship, a Fee Assistance Program (FAP) is available.
  • If you plan to apply to an Osteopathic Medical School, the centralized school application (AACOMAS) has a cumulative fee structure.  The initial application fee is $197 and $48 per additional school.  More information on the AACOMAS (American Association of Colleges of Osteopathic Medicine website.


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