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Previous Years' Reports

Career Destinations Survey

Every year the Career Center conducts a survey of the initial postgraduate activities of Bachelor's degree students. Data for 2014 includes survey responses from Summer 2013, Fall 2013, and Spring 2014 graduates.

Please note: Students with double and triple majors are represented in each of their majors. For example, a double major in English and Computer Science will have her/his responses included in the report for both majors. Programs for which there are four or less responses will not have any data shown to protect the confidentiality of respondents.

Survey Overview - Campus-wide

What Can I Do With a Major In...?

2014 Reports

What can you do with your major? It's up to you! With careful planning, you can develop career-related skills and experiences that can prepare you for almost any job or graduate school field.

Based on our annual survey of recent graduates, the Career Center has profiled 79 majors from six of the UC Berkeley colleges - any major not listed below had insufficient data to create a profile. The reports detail what choices graduates made and illustrate that college majors rarely restrict their career or graduate school options.

The reports are in PDF format. Majors with an asterisk (*) had insufficient data to create a report.

College of Letters & Science

Religious Studies*
Slavic Language & Literature*
Social Welfare
South & Southeast Asian Studies*
Spanish & Portuguese
Theater, Dance & Performance Studies
Haas School of Business
College of Chemistry
College of Engineering
College of Environmental Design
College of Natural Resources
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