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What Can I Do With a Major In...?


Class of 2013 (Summer 2012, Fall 2012, Spring 2013)

The following data comes from the Career Center's annual Career Destinations Survey of graduating seniors. Our primary focus for this report is to illustrate the wide variety of employment and graduate school choices past students in this major have made.

The Employers & Job Titles section below includes full-time and part-time employment, and internships.

Please note: Students with double and triple majors are represented in each of their majors. For example, a double major in English and Computer Science will have her/his responses included in the report for both majors. Programs for which there are four or less responses will not have any data shown to protect the confidentiality of respondents.

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Results Summary
Graduated Responded Percent    
19 7 37%    
Post-Graduate Activities

Grad School
14% 29% 43% 14%  
Employment Sectors & Average Salary*
For Profit Nonprofit Education Government Average Salary*
-- -- -- -- --
*Not all respondents report salary. Majors with four or less reported salaries hve no salary information shown to protect the confidentiality of student data.
Employers & Job Titles
BuzzFeed  Editorial Assistant 
Sadhana Forest  Assistant Language Teacher 
Graduate Schools Attending
Field of Study Graduate School Degree
HUMAN RESOURCES DEVELOPMENT Maastricht University Masters

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