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Online Workshops

Need a workshop right now? Tune in to our online workshops and Quick Clips! A Flash player is required to watch these videos.

Getting Results with Your Internet Job Search [9 min]

Think you know it all about the internet job search? Think again! This workshop takes you beyond the obvious to help you uncover a treasure trove of internet job and internship search resources, providing expert advice on how and when to use them.

Graduate School Application Essentials [10 min]

About 20 percent of Cal students go directly to grad school upon graduation. Learn how to join them with this workshop featuring essential graduate school application tips and tools.

Informational Interviewing [11 min]

Want an insider's view on careers? Go straight to the source! Informational interviewing puts you in contact with professionals in the field. This workshops provides step-by-step instructions for using this invaluable research method.

Internship Search & Success Strategies [7 min]

Internships give you exposure to careers, new skills, an edge in the job search, and in many cases, income. Get started on your internship search today!

Law School Application Essentials [17 min]

Want to present a compelling case to law school admissions committees? This workshop covers the many facets of the application process and features advice straight from top law schools.

Letters of Recommendation - Strategies and Tips [9 min]

Do you need letters of recommendation, but don't know how to get them? Watch this workshop to learn how to get the best letters possible. This workshop features faculty advice on how to identify and approach letter writers.

Making the Most of a Career Fair [5 min]

Learning how to work a career fair can lead! Learn what to do before, during, and after career fairs, including how to approach recruiters.

Medical School Application Essentials [19 min]

Applying to medical school is an involved process. Don't miss a step with this workshop that provides a comprehensive overview and advice from top med schools.

Networking as a Job Search Strategy [11 min]

Did you know that you engage in networking almost every day? Take what you already do and refine it with this video that includes networking strategies plus tips for perfecting your "career pitch."

Our Peer Advisors Present: What Can the Career Center Do For You? [11 min]

Get a student perspective on the Career Center. This orientation features 15 essential services you need to know about on your journey from Cal to career.

Successful Interviewing [13 min]

Before you go on an interview, watch this video! Prepare for success with lessons on researching organizations, practice questions, and follow-up.

Writing a Winning Graduate School Statement [7 min]

Watch this video for tips on how to wow admissions committees with your statement, a key component of your grad school application.

Writing a Winning Law School Statement [17 min]

Make your personal statement for law school a work of art and an A+ paper! This workshop provides tips on getting started, writing style, and content, as well as advice straight from top law schools.

Writing a Winning Medical School Statement [7 min]

Watch this workshop for tips and techniques straight from medical school admissions officials that will help you tell your story.

Writing Effective Cover Letters [10 min]

Cover letters can be instrumental in showing how you fit with an organization and a position. Watch this video for crucial content and style tips, featuring advice straight from employers.

Writing Effective Resumes [15 min]

Get your foot in the door with an outstanding resume. Get tips and dos and doníts on resume content and style.

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