Letter Service - Where Letters Can Be Sent

The Letter Service is obligated to protect the confidentiality of your letters. We verify the outgoing address of all requests and will cancel your request if you have entered a residential or unrecognizable/unverifiable address, regardless of purpose or intent.

If a school/program instructs you to include letters of recommendation with your applications, please do not request for letters to be mailed to you. Simply contact the school/program to let them know that you are using the Letter Service and that the letters will arrive separately. This is a standard practice among schools and they have been accepting letters forwarded from the Letter Service for years. If any institution/program requires that your letters and application materials arrive in the same packet, the Letter Service can mail your letters and application materials for you once we have verified where your packet will be sent. You can find this procedure on our FAQ page, read the answer to: How do I include application materials with my letters?

The Letter Service will send your letters of recommendation to:

  1. Academic Admissions Offices/Committees: These include medical schools, graduate schools, professional schools, centralized application services and credential programs.

  2. Academic Search Committees: We will send your letters to support your academic employment applications. The positions can be offered by universities, colleges, and K-12 schools. Please make sure the address is consistent with the address provided by the employer on their job listings.

  3. Fellowships, Scholarships and Awards Supporting Graduate/Professional Education: We will send letters to support your application for these programs. Please be aware that whereas educational institutions can be easily verified by our staff, some fellowships and scholarships are new and/or obscure, therefore information about them may not be readily available to us. When you are applying to any program that is not affiliated with a college or university, contact us via email beforehand with the recipient's program information so that we can make a determination.

  4. Educational and Research Employment, including Post-Doc Fellowships: You may be asked to provide us with a brochure, website, or other program information. If you cannot provide this information, your request will be cancelled. When in doubt, please contact us via email ASAP for further instruction before you proceed.

These policies also apply to copies of non-confidential letters. If you wish to have copies of non-confidential letters sent to schools/programs, you must make online requests for them to be sent directly to your institutions.


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