Letter Service - Matching Forms

The matching forms we currently accept include AADSAS, AMCAS, CASPA, Interfolio Credential Transfer Request, LSAC (LSDAS), OMSAS, OPTOMCAS, PHARMCAS, PTCAS, TMDSAS, UC Berkeley Optometry School and VMCAS. All matching forms must be completed and signed (if necessary) and can be emailed (Letter@berkeley.edu), faxed (510) 642-6987, mailed or hand carried to the Letter Service for processing.

Make sure to check that your MATCHING FORMS are posted before you submit a request. Matching forms are posted in the order received and will appear in your list of letters immediately.  It is your responsibility to select both your letters and matching forms if you want them forwarded together. Submit your requests as early as possible to ensure that your letters/forms arrive in time to meet application deadlines.

You are responsible for forwarding any other additional materials (e.g. transcripts, CV or resume, teaching evaluations, statement of purpose) supporting your candidacy separately. Your letter file can only contain your letters of recommendation and approved matching forms.

More information about matching forms

More information about AMCAS matching forms


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