Letter Service - Making Requests

To submit requests, log in and select Make Request. You will see 3 options. Each option has a separate request page and multiple delivery methods.

  • Mail Service: Print outs of your letter(s) will be delivered through USPS, FedEx, USPS Express or Campus Mail.
  • Email Service: PDFs of your letter(s) will be emailed to the institutional email address you provide once it has been verified.
  • Website Uploading Service: We will attempt to upload PDFs of your letter(s) to the school/program after receiving the necessary upload invitations.

Select the appropriate delivery method, and complete the online Request Form. Broad guidelines and special notes appear below, and line-by-line instructions are available via the "Instructions" link at the top of each form.

Mail Service
FedEx & Express Mail
If you are making a Rush or Express Mail Service request, please verify the mailing address and contact telephone number with your institution beforehand. Some institutions will use a different address for USPS EXPRESS or FEDEX deliveries.

  1. FedEx tracking numbers can be viewed from your request history page. Tracking numbers will be posted online after your request has been mailed. You must go to the FedEx website to track those requests.
  2. FedEx cannot deliver to PO boxes or PO zip codes. We will instead use USPS Express mail if you enter a PO Box address/zip code for your request. If your tracking number ends with "US" you must go to the USPS website to track those requests.
  3. Street addresses for FedEx service (AMCAS & LSAC):
    Attn: Letters of Recommendation
    AAMC Med School Application Service
    655 K Street NW, Suite 100
    Washington, DC 20001-2399
    Law School Admission Council
    662 Penn Street
    Dept 8508
    Newton, PA 18940

Email Service
Select this option if the institution/program requests that you submit your letters as attached files via email. Be sure that the email address is correct and complete. The Letter Service will only transmit your letters after the institutional email address provided has been verified. To assist the Letter Service in verifying the email address, enter a contact name associated with that email address.

Website Uploading Service
Some institutions/programs require applicants to have their letters uploaded to a secure website. If you select this option, we will do our best to do so. However, because upload requirements vary by school and dept/program, we cannot guarantee the process.

Before you submit your upload request, you must first generate the invitation(s) to upload your letters. A separate invitation is required for each letter writer. DO NOT enter the email addresses of your letter writers. Instead use one of the following Letter Service email addresses: letter@berkeley.edu, letter1@berkeley.edu, letter2@berkeley.edu, letter3@berkeley.edu, letter4@berkeley.edu, letters@berkeley.edu and letterservice@berkeley.edu.

If you submit an upload request and the process cannot be completed, the Letter Service will cancel the request(s), notify you by email, and issue a credit refund to your account. You may then contact the school to verify if they will accept an alternate electronic method - fax or email.


It is your responsibility to provide correct and complete institutional addresses. Once a request is submitted, you cannot change or cancel that request. After your request is processed, an email notification will be sent as a courtesy. If bMail, the campus email system is experiencing problems, you may not receive this email. Always login and refer to your Request History page to see the status of your requests.

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