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Letter Transfer Procedure

You can submit a free, one time request to email your letters to another verifiable letter service vendor. Certain restrictions do apply.

Before you submit this letter transfer request, make sure you have a zero balance (view your Account page) and all the letters to be transferred have a completed date (view your Letters page). Please email Letter@berkeley.edu with any questions about your file.

Once your letter transfer request has been processed and letters successfully transferred, your online account and letters will be purged from our system.

Letter Transfer Procedure:

  1. Login to your online account as a current student or alumni.
  2. Select Letter Transfer - Submit transfer request.
  3. Choose Transfer letter(s) through Email Transfer Service.
  4. Select all letters and enter your recipient information on the request form.  The recipient email, address and phone for Interfolio is listed on this FAQ page: https://career.berkeley.edu/Letter/FAQ-letterserviceclosure
  5. If Interfolio is your recipient, they ask that you provide the name and email address associated with your Interfolio account. Enter that name and email in the Email Subject Line field provided on our online request form. 
  6. Verify that the letters selected and recipient information are correct before you submit.

This transfer process will be available for a limited period.

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