Letter Service - Letter Forms & Waivers

These forms (in PDF format) can be downloaded from the Main Menu page of your online account:

  • Letter Form – general stationary that you can give to your writer for your letter of recommendation.
  • Letter Form with Ranking Grid - general stationary with a standard ranking grid. Some institutions (med, grad, or law schools) may require a ranking grid as part of their letter of recommendation. Submitting your letter of recommendation on our Letter Form with Ranking Grid will fulfill that requirement as long as your writer completes the ranking grid.
  • Waiver Statement – a form indicating whether your letter will be confidential or non-confidential. A signed waiver statement needs to accompany each letter of recommendation sent to the Letter Service by the writer.

Which Recommendation Forms Should I Use?

You have the option of using the Career Center letter forms or your letter writers can use their professional letterhead. Please note that some schools may request that your letter include a "ranking grid." One of the forms we provide includes a ranking grid.

The Letter Service does not accept letters on school-specific recommendation forms or waiver forms. If the application instructions state that the school/program-specific forms are "required," contact the school and inform them that you are using the Career Center Letter Service to forward your letters. The schools will then expect your letters to come from us in our pre-approved format. In working with graduate and professional schools nationally and internationally, we have come up with a format that has been universally accepted.

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